Style Assessment

Save time and money by understanding your body shape and personality style before shopping for clothes.


In this session, we will complete a full body shape analysis and give you tips on how to dress your shape to create balance and make you feel great.


We will identify your style personality and show how this influences your clothing selection and explore how to express yourself through your clothing.

Cost: $60 per hour.  Duration: 1.5 hours.

Colour Analysis

Feeling faded out or lacking confidence with wearing colours?

Understanding colour and the emotional effect it has on us and others, will give you confidence to choose colour and make the best impression.

Our natural colourings can change over time due to our lifestyle, diet, hair trends or the ageing process. Reviewing your colours will allow you time to make gradual changes in your wardrobe and be current.

In this session we use a tonal colour analysis and look at what colours give you harmony with your natural colourings today.  We will demonstrate how to use colour contrast to create the best style for you and give tips on how to update your wardrobe with colour.

Cost: $60 per hour.  Duration: 2 hours.  Please note: Wallet colour fans are available to purchase for an extra cost.

Wardrobe Makeover

Feeling frustrated and uninspired by what you have in your wardrobe?  Most clothing has a ‘used by’ date due to cycles in fashion trends. Keeping your better garments for special occasions may not be the most cost effective use of your wardrobe.

Book a wardrobe makeover and we will show you how to declutter your wardrobe and feel excited when getting dressed for every occasion.  We will identify your body shape, style personality and colour palette and match your wardrobe with your lifestyle.

Cost: $60 per hour - Session time has a minimum of 2 hours.

Stylist Services

Professional Working Wardrobe

Spending too much time in the morning getting dressed for work?  Want to make the best impression for your job interview?


First impressions are made within 2 seconds of meeting someone. If you have recently changed jobs or are wanting to secure paid work, making the best impression in the work place will build confidence with others.


In this session we will complete a body shape analysis and assess the type and quality of clothing needed to create a work-ready look.  We will create a capsule wardrobe that maximise the use of your working clothes and minimise the number of garments needed, thereby reducing the time used to get ready for the day.

Cost: $60 per hour.  Duration: 1.5 hours.

Travel Wardrobe

Want to feel great everyday while on holiday and leave room in your suitcase for your buys while away?

Learning to pack light and effectively when travel will take the hassle factor out of travelling and reduce the risk of extra costs for checked in luggage.

In this session we look at your personal style and go through a step by step process, matching your activities with your holiday wardrobe to ensure that you have enough garments to mix and match while away, to feel great every day.

Cost: $60 per hour.  Duration: 1.5 hours.

This service is available for those who don’t have time to shop, hate shopping, or simply want a second opinion when shopping.

We will make an assessment of what you need, take your standard body measurements and go shopping for you.

Cost: $60 per hour

Personal Shopping

Girls Night In - Party Plan

Organise a night for you and your friends. Ideal for Hen’s parties, birthdays and special events.

This is a great way to spend a few hours together, inspiring each other and having fun. It is a cost effective way to be introduced to personal styling.

We will tailor the plan to meet the interests of the group.

Cost: $60 per person - free for the Hostess. 4-8 people per plan.

Other Services

Vicki is available to speak at your fundraising events and inspire people to look good and feel great.

You are welcome to mix and match our services to create a stylist session that you want.

* Travel costs may apply

** Additional hours will be charged at $60 per hour

***Prices are subject to change